Figaro's Boston


Since 2002, Figaro's Boston has been  the "go to" for gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and fare.

Located in Boston's budding leather district, nestled between China Town and South Station, Figaro's has cultivated a unique approach to breakfast, lunch, and catering.  Our mission was and remains, offering our diners creative options and taking the idea of grabbing a "quick lunch" to new culinary heights. With an extensive breakfast, lunch, and a daily specials menu, make your next lunch an adventure.

Rosie Martone


Cooking was always there, present in her Italian upbringing and traditions, embedded in the very Martone genetics.. a strong bond between her, and food, which fueled her desire to learn, travel, cook, and eat. Her cooking perspective..cook not what fills..but fulfills you. From selecting, picking, cutting each ingredient, to preparing, cooking, and the process.. and they'll love the food. Rosie is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Boston and Regis College. Last year she was recognized by both, being asked to be the keynote speaker at the Le Cordon Bleu graduation, and being featured in "Regis Today" magazine. You'll find Rosie at either location any day of the week... cooking.


John Martone

Owner and manager of Figaro's, Giovanni, graduate of Merrimack College, came from an extensive background in finance and investment. While opening a restaurant seemed the furthest from a "sound" investment, he recognized the possibilities, the cooking talent right under his nose, and that there was a definite market for home-made, creative, and comforting quick-serve food.. If you build it..they will come..he did..and they do...

In 2002, Rosie and John opened Figaro's Boston.  Through the years an array of experiences, successes, and promises led to the opening of Figaro's Revere Beach in 2013. The dream materialized, and it became a "family affair."  The whole family was featured on  The Food Network's hit show, "Chopped" , as a first time special, Chopped Family Food Fight. (Season 22, ep 2)





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105 Beach St.
Boston, Mass 02111



Weekdays 8:30am - 2:30pm